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Here we tend to provide best tools for any school student aiming to improve his understanding of various Concepts ,Topics and Prepare for tests and Improve his potential.

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We believe that detailed analysis for every test helps you gain proficiency in each topic. It is always better to know the areas of Strengths and Weaknesses so that you can plan your preparation accordingly.

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The capacity to learn is a gift and the ability to learn is a skill and here we work on developing the ability of a student to learn and grasp more using best contents and with the best teachers across the globe.

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Leader Board

Rank Name Average Percentage(%) Exam Given
1 Raj Kiran 93.33% 1
2 mpsjc047 78.80% 22
3 K. BALAKRISHNA 60.72% 14
4 K.Ganesh Ram 53.16% 19
5 S.Bushra Fathimi 52.07% 39
6 Y Mourya 51.67% 29
7 KVS. SAI RAMA REDDY 50.55% 20
8 S.sayad basha 49.72% 13
9 laasya 49.17% 2
10 D. Bhagavath Geetha 49.13% 6